The Silent Helper: Dishwashing machine

Hello guys!! Welcome back to foodie60. Today we venture upon an extraordinary topic about inventions. Not just inventions, inventions that changed the food industry. While brain-storming for the topic, I couldn’t help but think about the dishwashing machine as I was stacking plates into it. As my topic suggests, we give a spotlight to the oven that cooks the food, the steam table that keeps it warm, but we often forget the machine that gives us clean and sparkling dishes, when we cook again.

History and Invention of Dishwasher

The first dishwasher dates back to 1850, a crude hand-turned splashing device attached to a wooden tube made by Joel Houghton. It was not very impressive. L A Alexander developed the invention by including gears to the spinning rack so it could hold the dishes which could be spun inside the wooden tub. This new addition was an undistinguished one. However Josephine Cochrane (Granddaughter of John Fitch- inventor of Steamboat), with engineering in her genes, invented the dishwasher in 1886 when her expensive crockery kept getting broken by her servants. She was not like the others, she built an automatic dishwasher, a wooden wheel lying flat in a copper boiler. The wheel could be turned by hand or driven by a power source via pulley. With wire- framed compartments, designed to fit her dishes, were attached and the coupling of spinning and soapy hot water showered on the crockery was made in heaven. She unveiled the invention at Worlds Fair in Chicago, hotel and restaurant owners were in awe of the machine. Duly, she opened a production factory, which later became KitchenAid. By 1920’s, when permanent plumbing was introduced, companies like Miele made their entrance. In 1929, Miele launched Europes first electrical top-loading dishwasher. The invention was exciting but crashed  due to the fall in the stock market, people couldn’t spend money on a luxury like this. After the Second world war, Chemical warfare designer, William Howard Livens created advanced the dishwasher- as we know front-loading. The drying element was introduced in 1940. Miele introduced the first automated model in 1960, which was costly.

The new concept of dishwasher took time but made its way to every household by the end of 1970’s. The dishwasher is the most common appliance, in not just homes but in hotels and restaurants. This humble appliance is normally forgotten from the list of useful inventions. The dishwasher not just changed the food industry, but every home in the world.

Thank you guys. hope you’ll enjoyed it.!!



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