Pescetarian Diet

Hey guys welcome to Foodie60 again!! Hope everyone is doing great. I am sure you all are wondering what the weird word in the title means. Today my blog is about diets around the world. Everybody atleast once have been on a diet, low crab diet, low sodium, more protein diet, crash diet-most of these don’t last very long. So with a determined mind, I started all seafood and fish diet. Its called Pescetarian diet. Yes meat lovers!! Just seafood, fish,very little egg and vegetables. Now ‘Pescado’ or Pesce’ means ‘fish as food’ or simply ‘fish’. I was not very fond of the diet at first, later as I went ahead with my diet, I started to enjoy it, I made different dishes that I have not tried before. It was an amazing experience. I feel more energetic and lost a pound, in a week !! I have begun to appreciate fish more. Fish is not only tasty but healthy. Omega 3 fatty acids is the main nutrient we get from fish. This also benefits our planet in a way. Beef, soy, or even wheat require more than 25 gallons of water. To save water we can cut meat from our diet. We should contribute to this atleast at an individual level. One of my favorite fish recipe is my grandmothers shredded coconut fish. The sweet and spicy recipe made in baked earthen flat pot is perfect for cold winters with Indian flat bread Chappati or plain rice.

Meen Peera ( ‘Meen’ means ‘Fish’ & ‘Peera’ means ‘shredded coconut’)


  •  Herring/ Sardine- 500gms
  • Shredded coconut-600gms
  • green chillies finely chopped- 7
  • ginger 2 inch finely chopped
  • garlic cloves finely chopped- 6
  • turmeric powder- 1 tsp
  • Fenugreek powder-1/3tsp
  • Kerala tamarind-10gms
  • Curry leaves -3 sprigs
  • water-50ml
  • salt to taste


  • Clean the fish and cut into 2 pieces.meen-peera-pattichathu-fish-cooked-recipemeen-peera-pattichathu-fish-cooked-recipe
  • Mix all the ingredients except the fish squeeze it together to mix it thoroughly. Make sure all the spices are distributed evenly.
  • Put it in the pot. Add water to this.
  • Gently cover the fish evenly in the coconut mixture.
  • Cover it with a secure lid. Cook till water evaporates. The fish does not take much time to cook as it is a small fish.
  • When its ready, serve hot.

Enjoy Guys!!

I suggest to start exploring new foods, better ways to cook and Eat healthier.

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