A sushi experience to be remembered!!

I am Naomi George. This is my first experience of Japanese Sushi.

Sushi is a dish made with white rice rolled in seaweed sheets and served in bit-size pieces. I was curious to try sushi, I love fish and I love steamed rice…lets try it! So I went to a local Japanese restaurant and surpriseee!!! Sushi is of so many types that I lost count. So the chef gave me a brief idea on the types of sushi. He recommended me a Makizushi – rolled sushi, where a filling of fish or vegetables is covered by vinegared sushi rice, and wrapped in seaweed.

As the sushi was placed on my table, my excitement knew no bounds, but when I was about to put it in my mouth, this wave of smell passed my face, this was not good. Still I wanted to try it. I put one in my mouth. It was salty and a little weird in my palate. The texture was smooth though. So I checked and came to know that, its the taste of seaweed. I asked if it could be prepared without the seaweed, and they did. Trust me, it was much better without the seaweed. personally I feel the seaweed made the sushi too salty and strange in taste. I will be eating sushi again WITHOUT the seaweed. Overall my sushi experience was good. Normally we expect fish to be stinky but since they use fresh fish it doesn’t stink at all.

This experience has helped me in paying attention to detail in cooking. I feel starchy content to be less appealing. Hope you’ll will also try !

Thank you.




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