Me & Myself

Naomi George Varghese


Hello, Everyone!

I am Naomi George. Like every girl I grew up watching my grandmother and mother cook. At a young age, my fondness for various cuisines and cooking kept growing. Cooking is tough, it’s a career for the strong, will-powered and passionate. But the satisfaction on the guest’s  face, when they have just had a meal prepared by you is a feather in one’s cap. That is the pure happiness that I have experienced and would want to further in my career. I completed my Graduation in Hospitality Studies from India. I have never worked in the industry. I believe it’s best to study as much as possible  and then work. Taking a risk or doing something that you feel is beyond what you think is when you know that you are capable of doing it extraordinarily, that is when you grow. Love-always cook with love, love is as essential as salt in cooking. With this blog, I wish to be recognized and stand out of the crowd.

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw

WP_20141120_002   Strawberry meringue with Mexican cookiesColors in Indian Cuisine-

I love the blog Local Milk by Beth Kirby. She creates the most amazing recipes and shoots them in an extraordinary fashion. The simplicity and the finesse in her recipes amaze me. I also feel that she can swim a little deeper with her dishes than just her flair for words in her blog.

Thank you

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